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October 19, 2011


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Just to erase the journal, I'm plastering this this time here:

This account is dead, although you still can look at my old arts here.

You can still find me somewhere if you're into RP groups though, but I guess I'll be only drawing RP related things from now on.
Say Hi to me if you found me. X3 Not sure how many of you are still in dA though.  V.V

  • Mood: Relief
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Heya sapphirez, it'll be nice if I can add your FB since you've been 1 of friend artist that inspired me for so long. if you read this, please kindly msg me.. I'm kinda dead in DA too, but my FB is pretty active (login weekly lol).. I hope we can be friends there like we used to in DA. <3
love ya sis.
reyd Dec 1, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
ah working life -___-
well we need to live and stuff so we have to take new things, and leave somethings.

So go do themXD

lol kena lepas gian kekadang gak kan :D
NadineOnline Oct 29, 2011  Hobbyist Artist
:aww: Ohohooo... Akak sangat paham perasaan gian tu. :laughing: Banyak kali gak Akak rasa mcm nak bubuh art dlm DA(walaupun dah tekad nk lenyap dari DA), tapi maleh la pulak since community DA sangat mementingkan keaktifan kita otherwise kita akan rasa kita 'dibuang', lebih2 lagi bila tak terrer mcm Akak. Or maybe just just me.. ^^; ;P

Apa2hal pun, seronok dpt dengar perkembangan Sapph. :hug: Take care of yourself & selamat maju jaya dlm apa saja bidang yg Saphh ceburi sekarang. :bounce: Selamat ber-RP! :boogie:
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NadineOnline Nov 3, 2011  Hobbyist Artist
Huhu.. mekacih Saphh.. :hug:

Ah, Nuwul, Nuwul. Comel! :love:
mintzyd Oct 21, 2011  Student Interface Designer
It's sad to see you leave but I can understand that as we grow up things sort of changed. Oh, it's been so long so I hope your life will be great and I pray for your success in everything you do saph. :hug:
thanks akina-chan~ :hug: yeah I guess I won't draw as much as I did before.. tp sbnarnyer gian gak nk lukis.. TDT
me wish for your success too! :hug:
It's sad that you have decided to leave, but I respect your decision. Your artworks were one of the many that I'm truly impressed with and will keep being one of my inspiration in years to come. :)

Wish you all the best in your life endeavours and do take care :)
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That's very nice of you to remember me :) Yeah, I am still here but updates are slow too because I have a full time job and motivations are lacking as well. (blame it on collecting hobby xD)

Sure! I'll stop by when I have the time. :) I hope RP can give new motivation for you to draw because I really do miss your artworks! Have fun if you do them :)
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